Ergonomics is the application of scientific information concerning humans to the design of objects, systems and environments for human use. It incorporates elements from many areas including anatomy, physiology and design. The goal of ergonomics is to make work more comfortable and to improve both health and productivity.

Virtus Physical Therapy provides Ergonomic services focused on improving the fit between the worker and the workplace. Services range from specific work site analysis to help in developing to improve working posture and ease the load on the body, thus reducing instances of Repetitive Strain Injury. Tasks and jobs can be designed so that they are effective and take account of human needs such as rest or stretch breaks, as well as other factors.

Our Certified Ergonomist is experienced in working with local businesses to assess office and industrial workstations and job tasks in order to improve workplace safety and reduce on – the – job injuries. Significant direct and indirect cost savings can result from implementation of ergonomic accommodations.

Services are billed $125.00/hour for onsite visits. This charge is inclusive of expenses for travel time, mileage or generating any reports. Onsite time will be rounded up to the half hour. A minimum of two hours onsite will be billed per visit unless otherwise specified in writing in advance of the onsite visit.

Questions to Ponder

  • What is Occupational Ergonomics?
    • Occupational Ergonomics is “Fitting the Job to the Person”
    • Occupational Ergonomics is NOT “Fitting the Person to the Job”
  • Are Musculoskeletal Disorders a Serious Problem?
    • YES – Over $20 Billion dollars per year in cost
    • Over $2.73 Million in claims per year
  • Why is Ergonomics Becoming So Popular?
    • Decreased
      • Injury rates
      • Costs
      • Absenteeism
      • Labor turnover
      • Legal liability
      • Human error
    • Improved
      • Productivity
      • Quality
      • Job satisfaction
      • Product design
      • Competitive advantage
      • Government compliance/regulations
      • Workforce diversity
  • Remember, the “spice” of ergonomics is “change”.
  • Change your position as often as possible and/or needed!



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