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Virtus Physical Therapy provides physical therapy, sport development, and ergonomic services, all by highly credentialed and qualified staff.

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  • Clinical Practice

    Our practice consists of highly credentialed therapists who teach in local physical therapy and physical therapist assistant programs.

  • Patient Care

    We utilize the latest in evidence-based practice to promote healing and return to function, as efficiently as possible.

  • Patient Outcomes

    Treatment plans are individualized and provided in a one-on-one environment, for optimal outcomes.

  • Community Support

    Our goal is to assist in keeping our community as healthy and active as possible.

Who We Are

We are an outpatient physical therapy clinic that provides physical rehabilitation to those with orthopedic and neurological dysfunctions in Guilford and Alamance Counties.
We were established on the foundation of providing excellence in patient care and customer service through committed excellence in clinical practice.

Our Team

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide efficient and effective physical therapy that optimizes patient outcomes and health.


Promotion of Health and Wellness


Evidence-based Manual Therapy


Patient/Customer Satisfaction


Patient-centered Care


Hands-on Physical Therapy


Sport Enhancement & Development


Efficient & Effective Treatment of Spinal Pain